I bet you $100 you didn’t know your whole life insurance could do this for you…

Before I go any further: this week I’m giving 2 presentations on this topic and if you haven’t put it on your calendar yet, find the info at the bottom of this article and plan to be at one of them!

I’m going to give you a quick overview of what the subject of this email means. In short, it’s going to blow your mind. That’s why I’m confident enough to wager money that you’ve never heard of this strategy before. So hang with me here…

If you have a whole life insurance policy that was designed to use as your own private banking system, then you understand full well that your policy has many living benefits that you get to use today while you are alive (like the cash value).

The only part of the policy you really don’t get to benefit from while you, the insured, are alive is the large death benefit payout.


Did you know that banks and insurance companies actually leverage the future death benefit payout and are able to create earnings today based on that future value???

You heard me right. I’ll say it in another way: you know that big death benefit that your whole life policy is guaranteed to pay out to your beneficiary when you graduate from this life? Well, it can actually be leveraged while you are still alive to create earnings for you today.

Banks and insurance companies already do it. And since we like to “do what the banks do”, we’ve cracked the code on how to do this so that policy owners can reap these same benefits on their own policies.

If you want to hear the rest of the story, please join me for one of the 2 presentations I am giving this week. I promise you it will be an hour well spent.

Presentation #1: Tuesday 15 November 7-8pm CST

Presentation #2: Thursday 17 November 6-7pm CST

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