It seems that everywhere you turn today you are being barraged by financial marketing messages all spouting the same old thing:

  • “Maximize your 401k!”
  • “Buy term and invest the difference!”
  • “15 year mortgages are better than 30 year!”
  • “Life insurance is the worst place to put your money!”
  • “The stock market averages 12% return per year!”
  • “Bitcoin is the future, don’t get left behind!”

The billions of dollars spent on annual marketing by the mainstream financial media can make it hard to “go against the grain” and use financial strategies that nobody else is seemingly using. We get it. We’ve all been there.

When all of your friends and family (especially wise old Uncle Bob who somehow knows everything there is to know about money yet still has to pinch pennies in retirement) are maximizing their 401k (hey, it’s “free money!”) and are paying cash for their new cars and are getting 15 year mortgages because that’s what some bald, southern-accented financial entertainer convinced them was the best way to do it, it makes you wonder if you’re doing the right thing. Going against conventional wisdom isn’t easy. It takes courage.

Luckily courage is something you can build. Here are a few resources that helped me overcome the financial “noise” and build my confidence to the point that the noise is now nothing more than an irritating child’s whine that I can turn off by just shutting the door and going to a different room:

  • Podcasts
    • Wealth Warehouse – one of our coaches has started a weekly podcast that will be centered around using whole life insurance policies to create a foundation that can be used to create a stress-free, passive-income lifestyle
  • Books
    • Becoming Your Own Banker – the original Infinite Banking Concepts book is now available on Audible
    • The Case for IBC – recommended especially for you business owners
  • Mastermind with other like minded people
    • Join our community and get in on our weekly Tuesday evening mastermind calls
  • Coaches
    • Contact your CenterPoint coach to review your policies and discuss strategies for maximizing your asset, utilizing your cash value and repaying loans